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Paul Tripp: Redeeming the Realities of Marriage, October 5-6th

Marriage is first and foremost theological. Marriage is both wonderful and intimate, but also tough and hard fought. It is a union with the love of your life, but it is also a union with a fellow sinner. In this seminar Paul Tripp helps us to redeem the realities of marriage. Pulling our idea from the eyes of pop culture and grounding it in the gospel and the reality of grace.We must love our spouses as Christ loves us. We must fight for our marriage the way Christ fought for his church.

Join us October 5-6th at Christian Life Center as renown speaker and author Paul Tripp presents his “What Did You Expect?: Redeeming the Realities of Marriage” seminar. The contents of this seminar will benefit the married couple of fifty years, the honeymooners, the newly engaged, and the still single. It will assist us in re-framing our views on marriage in a world where it has long drifted away from the love of Christ.

Ticket prices are $20/person, and sales will begin in late June/early July. Online ticketing begins Thursday, 6/28.

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2 thoughts on “Paul Tripp: Redeeming the Realities of Marriage, October 5-6th

  1. Chris on said:

    I’d love to go if you ever come through Seattle or Portland!

  2. Terri Nelson on said:

    Look forward to this! Blessings!

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